Greet DerudderMy name is Greet Derudder. I was born and raised in West-Flanders, Belgium (1988) and when I started college I moved to the wonderful city of Ghent.

I studied Linguistics and Literature (English and Dutch) at Ghent University. My interests within English, Dutch and general linguistics are wide-ranging: historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, phonology, grammar, language acquisition, dialectology ... Apart from linguistics I also love teaching, so I obtained a teaching diploma. At this moment I'm teaching (Dutch as a second language, English for specific purposes, and foreign language teaching didactics) at Ghent University and at the University Language Centre, a job I absolutely love. For more information about my education and experience, you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

In my spare time, I sing in a choir, and I play percussion in a symphonic orchestra. I regularly go on Roeland summer camps, where I teach both Dutch and English as a second language.

In short, my main interests are linguistics, (higher) education, music, crafting, reading, sewing and other creative activities.

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